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The mega-trends driving sales in 2024+

2023 was a year marked by pivotal change, grappling with an uncertain macroeconomic outlook. However, with inflation decelerating and interest rates stabilizing, there are clear indicators that 2024 holds promise for positive growth across the majority of Consumer Tech and Durables sectors. 

The Consumer Tech and Durables industry is on the verge of stable demand. Despite year-on-year challenges, it now operates at levels that surpass pre-pandemic norms. 

As we delve into the industry's transformation, one thing is evident: achieving growth requires precise, innovative strategies founded on a profound understanding of the driving forces at play. 

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Our panel of industry experts has dissected the growth opportunities on the horizon, uncovering four pivotal trends reshaping the consumer landscape and their profound implications for industry retailers and manufacturers: 

  • Tailored Experience and Individualism: In a world where personalization fuels growth in niche areas, discover how individual preferences drive customer loyalty and open new avenues for market growth
  • Convenience: Explore the vast potential of innovations that streamline and enhance daily lives, creating a win-win for consumers and your business. 
  • Sustainability: As eco-consciousness enters a new phase, unravel how sustainable products, services, and processes can drive growth, attract key consumer segments, and make a positive impact on the planet. 
  • Product lifetime costs: In the pursuit of value for money, learn how crafting the right product assortment and messaging can boost sales while nurturing lasting brand-consumer relationships. 

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