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Retail trends in the tech & durables market.
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Find out key retail trends to navigate uncertainty and succeed

As global lockdowns have eased consumers have transitioned into a new normal. On-going supply chain disruptions, the economic downturn and political unrest has fueled rising inflation and resulted in a cost of living crisis dampening consumer confidence. 2022 has seen a deceleration in demand and a slowdown in value growth.

In this webinar, Anna Obabko, Technology and Durables Expert and Daniel Fearnley, Regional Head of Retail  discussed key retail strategies that are essential to succeed in Q4 and beyond.

Based on rich retail insights from gfknewron consumer and gfknewron market, our experts shared how consumer attitudes and behaviors have evolved in the technology and consumer durables markets including:
  • The retail landscape
    Tech and durables performance and current consumer expectations
  • Trends and opportunities
    Swift data driven decisions to deliver sustainable growth and strategies to outperform the market in the months ahead

They highlighted our latest insights in the short term, based on the above and the expected impact this will have on businesses going forward.

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