GfK Communication Tracking

Cross media and creative evaluation

Improve short-, medium- and long-term campaign effectiveness

All marketers want to maximize the return on investment of their advertising campaigns. Achieving this in a crowded, competitive marketplace is becoming increasingly challenging. Today’s cross- media campaigns add another element of complexity in understanding how each of the different channels has contributed. To succeed, you need to understand the impression your campaign makes and the actions it inspires. Benchmarking your performance against your competitors is crucial to stay a step ahead.

What it is

GfK’s Communication Tracking monitors your marketing activities in a competitive environment to improve short-, medium-, and long-term effectiveness. We keep track of creative and cross-media effectiveness KPIs and add flexible, optional, in-depth modules to address your specific business issues, such as our integrated System 1 measurement approach designed around digital media consumption.

We identify levers to optimize your campaign and make recommendations you can act upon to improve your brand’s strength.

How it works

GfK’s Communication Tracking works by surveying consumers, either continuously or on an ad hoc basis, as pre- and post- measurement to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns and to provide recommendations that will give you a competitive advantage. Our solution is suitable for any market sector and any type of campaign.

GfK’s Communication Tracking answers your key business questions about the success of your campaign, including:

  • Did it break through to my target group – and was it efficient in doing so?
  • Did it achieve our communication goals?
  • How did it impact brand perception and what actions were triggered? 
  • Which touchpoints were effective in reaching my target group?
  • Which media channels were most effective at driving performance?
  • How can I improve the creative and media mix of future campaigns?
  • How can I ensure that my individual campaigns are working together to drive sales and build my brand increasing visibility and brand recognition?

Find out more how GfK’s Communication Tracking can help you ensure your campaigns achieve their objectives and deliver return on investment in today’s competitive environment.

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