GfK Business Reflector – The Swiss Reputation Ranking


The GfK Business Reflector is the well-established independent Swiss Corporate Reputation Ranking. It annually assesses the reputation of the leading Swiss companies and non-profit organizations (NPO). The GfK Business Reflector ranking is based on a representative survey of the Swiss population. 3’500 respondents from German- and French-speaking Switzerland are included in the research.

Reputation is the general assessment of a company or organization and comprises rational, emotional and ethical components. Economic success and performance are an important pillar for a corporate’s reputation. However, our research shows that emotional factors such as a company's sympathy are even more crucial for its reputation. The more people can identify with a company, the better the reputation. Additionally, the public is becoming more interested in how responsibly companies act. Fair supply chains and attractive working conditions, job security, climate protection and the responsible use of natural resources are under observation and publicly discussed in social and traditional media. Hence, the GfK Business Reflector covers all three dimensions. In collaboration with fög (Forschungsinstitut Öffentlichkeit und Gesellschaft), an associated institute of the University of Zurich, a scientifically sound measuring instrument has been developed and consistently used for the past 15 years.

In addition to the 50 companies and 20 organizations represented in the ranking, every other interested company or organization can participate in the study if registered in advance.
The GfK Business Reflector provides all participating companies and organizations with a unique reputation benchmarking system that serves as the basis for their reputation monitoring and management.

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