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MarketBuilder Voice

Listening for emotional attachment to predict product success

What it is
An early stage screening and testing program for new product and service concepts based on recorded verbal reactions of consumers.

How it works
In a regular online survey, we introduce new concepts to consumers, and ask them to tell us what they think about the presented ideas – in natural conversational speech.

The outcomes are voice recordings which are analyzed in two ways:

  • The voice signal i.e. the wave form for emotional intensity (How people speak about concepts)
  • The content for various key performance measures and diagnostic insights (What people say)


  • Identify the emotional power of new products
  • Get richer and more genuine consumer feedback for more confidence in the insight
  • Measure implicitly and avoid the leading and limiting nature of asking explicit questions
  • Overcome the cultural bias and lacking authenticity of Likert scales
  • Engage especially younger target groups in simpler and more exciting survey experiences
Latest insights
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