The Rise and Rise of Sustainability in the UK

with Samantha Tuck

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Thinking Ahead

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Sustainability still matters to UK shoppers – despite economic pressures. In fact, the majority of UK consumers in GfK’s Consumer Life survey agreed that “It is important that companies take environmentally responsible actions”. To appeal to shoppers today and tomorrow, every retailer, manufacturer, and brand owner needs to understand these sentiments and how they impact purchasing behavior.

For some companies, sustainability is already a key part of their ethos, for others, now is the time to review the latest consumer research, identify the opportunities and barriers, and take action.
In this podcast, we share the very latest research and suggest how brands and companies should respond. Sam covers a lot of ground, from sourcing to supply chain, packaging to messaging. Whatever category you’re in, there are some key insights about what sustainability means for you.


Thinking Ahead

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