Behind the Scenes: NextGen Hackathon 2023

with the 2023 NextGen Hackathon winning team!

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In our latest episode, we take a peak behind the scenes of the 2023 NextGen Hackathon. We sit down with our winning team from CUNY and talk about their experience, obstacles, their thought-process, and ultimate win! The episode also looks at the team’s experience at this year’s #iaAnnualConference where the team took the stage to present their winning solution to a room of industry professionals.

The hackathon provides undergraduates an opportunity to work with real consumer data and show off their data science chops. The focus of this year’s virtual competition was sustainability. Our winning team developed and presented the most compelling data- and analytics-driven solution related to EVs. Tune in as they talk about their solution, “PowerShare” and why hackathons like this one give them an opportunity beyond the classroom!

Thinking Ahead

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