American Women: How They Feel & What They Do

With Diane Crispell, Senior Consultant, GfK Consumer Life

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American women across the generations often have very different attitudes and values. The pandemic and a variety of other factors have transformed women’s roles and perspectives — changes that marketers need to understand for smarter positioning and targeting

"American women, like those elsewhere in the world, have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Diane Crispell, senior consultant for GfK Consumer Life and author of the report. “Despite the disruptions to their jobs and families and resulting stress, they have a generally positive outlook and care about aspects of life that speak to a broader social conscience.”

Tune in as Diane offers specific insights and findings from her report that dive deep into the lifestyles, values and attitudes of American women.

Thinking Ahead

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American women generally report that they have control over their lives and believe their skills are in demand – but they are not feeling the same confidence as their global peers or their male counterparts in the US.