Diversity & Inclusion in Research

With Josh Billig (Microsoft) and Shelley Krasnick (GfK)

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Thinking Ahead

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For thousands of companies around the world, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) has moved front and center as a business priority. But for consumer insights specialists, the stakes are higher – because their findings determine products being developed, ads being produced, and even laws being made.

With help from GfK, Microsoft has moved aggressively to put inclusion into action in a practical sense, across a wide range of research activities.

Tune into this episode to hear from Microsoft and GfK as they focus on three innovative and compelling initiatives for bringing more voices into Microsoft’s consumer studies – through real-world applications of mobile-centric survey design, greater Hispanic representation, and accessibility in survey programming and formatting.

Thinking Ahead

This is a podcast about research, innovation, and discovery. Each episode will give you new insights into today’s consumer, and prepare you for tomorrow’s marketplace.
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