The secret to mobile advertising

With Jon Brand

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In the U.S., mobile media now exceeds one-third of all media spending. A 2021 GfK study shows that, among common digital technologies, smartphones are most trusted and relied on by U.S. consumers. In this episode, ad expert Jon Brand explains the advantages of video display ads, the importance of ad testing, and how to adapt to emerging digital platforms like Tik Tok and Clubhouse. 

Thinking Ahead

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile media were playing an increasingly powerful role in consumers’ lives – and in media budgets. But when it comes to ad creative, the smartphone environment demands a very different approach from traditional media platforms – TV, laptops, and PCs. In an all-new ebook, GfK’s Jon Brand (SVP, Marketing Effectiveness) draws on years of innovative ad testing to explore what works and what falls short in mobile advertising. 

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