What it means to have a 'healthy' brand

With Eric Villain

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In today's times, brands are expected to be more than a logo. Consumers expect them to take action- to show their authentic worth. While many things have changed, the core pillars of brand building have not. In this episode, Managing Director of GfK Marketing Effectiveness, Eric Villain, explains the true need for a healthy brand and what you need to get there. How can brands create meaningful connections with their consumers? Tune in to find out.

Thinking Ahead

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WHITEPAPER: Getting to the essence of brand health

Today’s brand questions and challenges are more complex than ever. How can brands respond to what will be the new normal post-COVID and the social justice movement in ways that are both authentic and significant? 

Despite all of the cultural changes around the world, the four pillars of brand building have not changed. Knowing which pillars to focus on, and to what degree, is a brand manager’s constant challenge. You need to understand, first, where your brand is in its lifetime arc – what life stage it has reached and, equally important, how and where is the category heading.

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