Emerging shopping trends: What to watch

With Joe Beier

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From click-and-collect to cross-channel buying, eCommerce shopping has hit new levels while traditional methods have evolved. In this episode, Joe Beier takes us through emerging purchase journey trends and the long-term implications of pandemic brand trial and switching. Tune in to understand the wants and needs of shoppers both this holiday season and as we enter the new year.

Thinking Ahead

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VIDEO: Shoppers in a world of change: How disruption & innovation have transformed the purchase experience and FMCG

In 2020, long-simmering shopping trends boiled over into the mainstream overnight – disrupting brand relationships and purchase patterns. From click-and-collect to cross-channel buying, some consumers went all-in with ecommerce, while others just added a mask and social distancing to their usual shopping routines. In an in-depth learning session featuring insights from GfK’s FutureBuy® and other studies, GfK experts will take on:

  • emerging trends in purchase journeys - and how to meet shoppers halfway in 2021

  •  longterm implications of pandemic-inspired brand switching

  •  generational shifts in online versus in-person shopping

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