The future of work and a digital lifestyle

With Jola Burnett and Stacy Bereck

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Thinking Ahead

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The digital lifestyle has made leaps and bounds this year. In this episode, subject-matter experts Jola Burnett and Stacy Bereck cover the attitudes and behaviors of consumers when it comes to living a life dependent on technology. Understand how consumers feel about recent digital developments, the way it changes their daily lives, and what you -as a company- should be prioritizing in this tech-evolved world

Thinking Ahead

This is a podcast about research, innovation, and discovery. Each episode will give you new insights into today’s consumer, and prepare you for tomorrow’s marketplace.
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VIDEO: Leveraging the new home tech landscape: A guide to consumers' changing minds

In 2020, tech and home life took on even greater importance for consumers – and brands need to refresh their insights and strategies to keep pace. In this all-new session, the trend experts at GfK Consumer Life will explore their latest findings on a host of central issues related to smart home and other devices and services. Topics will include:

  •  how smart speakers and other AI devices are becoming part of everyday life – or being left on the shelf
  •  beliefs and desires that should inform brand strategy around smart home
  •  how lifestyle trends and the pandemic of 2020 are inspiring consumers to reimagine life at home
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