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Activism, anxiety, and the new consumer marketplace

With Jack Neff, Marc Somnolet, Stacy Bereck, and Rachel Bonsignore

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Thinking Ahead

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With devastated economies and the calls for social justice around the world, how to brands move forward? In this episode, we give you an audio version of GfK's recent webinar, "Taking brands to the next level: Activism, anxiety, and the new consumer marketplace," with a panel of experts discussing where brands go from here. What messages and offers do consumers want from brands? What role should activism play in their identity?

Thinking Ahead

This is a podcast about research, innovation, and discovery. Each episode will give you new insights into today’s consumer, and prepare you for tomorrow’s marketplace.
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VIDEO: Taking brands to the next level: Activism, anxiety, and the new consumer marketplace

In this troubled landscape, how do brands chart a path forward – to relevance, survival, and success? GfK brought together a panel of thought leaders and industry observers to consider where brands of all kinds go from here.

Drawing on fresh insights from GfK’s ongoing Consumer Pulse and Consumer Life research, the group explores

  • whether brands can or should ever revert to a conventional “selling” agenda
  • what messages and offers consumers want from brands – now and in the future
  • what role activism should play in a brand’s identity
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