State of Report Q1 22

State of Consumer Technology and Durables Report - Q1 2022 edition

The state of play after a record year for the industry

2021 was a record-breaking year for the Consumer Technology and Durables industry. As the population spent more time at home, consumers bought products to make working, living, and exercising at home more enjoyable.  

The Q1 2022 edition of our State of Consumer Technology and Durables Report shares actionable insights on how smart brands can thrive in the post-Covid reality: 

  • How e-commerce first is no longer enough. Are you ready to think omnichannel all the time? 
  • Devices must do more, interconnect more, and add more value. How will you offer multifunctionality that answers work, lifestyle, money-saving and other needs? 
  • The upgrade opportunity is upon us. When those already enjoying wearables and other smart devices buy bigger and better, make sure it’s from you. 
  • Few technology and durables brands truly own sustainability. How will you lead the way, embedding it into your products, channels, and entire brand? 
  • Ongoing conflicts, the pandemic, and decelerating growth have caused general uncertainty among society. Brands and retailers must take account of all these factors when setting budgets for the year ahead. 

This free-to-download report provides a snapshot of the global Consumer Technology and Durables industry, including its consumer behavior and market forces during 2021 and early 2022. The report is drawn from data that clients can find within gfknewron, as well as expert insight from our executives and data analysts.  

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