State of Consumer Technology and Durables Webinar: Gearing up for Q4 and beyond

Build winning strategies, pivot quickly to address changes, and outpace the market and competitors in the months to ahead. Find out how in our on-demand webinar.

Triumph over deceleration in Consumer Tech and Durables

While supply and demand remain the governing principle, it’s at play under extraordinary circumstances. Supply chain disruptions persist, while demand has taken a hit from rising prices, waning consumer confidence, and a cost-of-living crisis.

Watch our webinar for a comprehensive overview of factors impacting the market, what to expect in the coming months, and expert advice on overcoming current challenges. Which niches continue to drive premiumization? How can you ease consumers’ financial pressures to win their purchase? What can set your brand apart in the changing landscape? Which strategies will ensure success in Q4 and beyond?

Get answers to all these questions and more!

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