If you know
what consumers bought last week,
you can optimize your sales next week.

If you know
what consumers bought last week, you can optimize sales next week.

Maximize your sales during your peak weeks

The events of 2020 have upended consumer purchase behavior, with many people shopping in ways they’ve never done before. The crisis destabilized market dynamics, declined shopper loyalty and increased brand share volatility. You need to be prepared for the unexpected, particularly during peak shopping weeks. To outsmart your competitors and grow your market share, you must continuously monitor market developments and adjust quickly. GfK’s Weekly Market Intelligence helps you keep up in these volatile times with: 

  • Trusted sales tracking insights on what consumers have purchased each week
  • Weekly reporting on your product, category, or segment leading in to and out of peak shopping weeks
  • Current market dynamics, including analysis of price and promotion effects at SKU level, unexpected segment trends, and emerging sales patterns analysis



of online shoppers said saving money was their main purchase driver.

GfK FutureBuy, 2020

Make quick decisions based on facts

Our insights show recent changes in how people are shopping and how this has impacted your sales so that you can quickly adjust. Consider the following: 

  • Promotional calendar: Sales with price reductions dropped significantly in 2020. Keep track of how your promotions - and those of your competitors - perform each week, and adjust tactics quickly.
  • Purchase drivers: Despite fewer promotions, 88% of consumers say that seasonal discounts trigger them to make more online purchases. Know how your pricing strategy triggered sales each week and take fast action as needed.
  • Channel mix: Online sales have taken off during the pandemic, with traditional online retailers growing +84% in 2020. Continuously monitor your channels and optimize your distribution strategy.
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Act fast to win with insights from our weekly Market Intelligence

As you look to maximize revenue opportunities in peak weeks, you'll need to adjust your sales and marketing strategies quickly and often to stay ahead of the competition. Our Weekly Market Intelligence gives you fact-based insights so that you know what to promote, at what price, on what channels and when. 

Weekly Market Intelligence from GfK
Adjust quickly to surges and drop-offs in demand

Be the first to respond. Get instant insights pushed directly into your hands with our Performance Pulse app. Take corrective action immediately — wherever and whenever needed.
Weekly Market Intelligence from GfK
Know which trends and features drive your sales

Trends like healthy living, contactless payments, and premium/instant access have impacted what consumers plan to buy. Understand which features play to these trends and drive purchasing decisions.
Weekly Market Intelligence from GfK
Identify the right channel mix for your products

Online sales have accelerated and show no signs of stopping. Should you rethink your channel mix? Get your products in front of  the right people wherever they are shopping.
Weekly Market Intelligence from GfK
Measure how price and perceived value impact sales

Price motivates people to buy and is a main purchase driver. This, coupled with the current economic outlook, could intensify pressure on your prices. Adjust accordingly.
Weekly Market Intelligence from GfK
Launch promotions on the right channels at the right times

The amount of promotions with price cuts is decreasing. Can you plan effectively? Know when and where to launch the right promotions to counteract competitive activity.
Weekly Market Intelligence from GfK
Outperform competitors and drive brand loyalty

Consumers tried different brands and products in 2020. Can you use this to your advantage? Stay ahead of your competition, learn where and how to innovate, and drive loyalty with our insights. 
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How Lenovo masters tactical-decision making with weekly insights



GfK’s weekly data helps us to make key business decisions with full confidence and agility. With weekly data, we are better informed to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, capturing the core of our fluid and fast-moving market. Overall, weekly data gives us increased visibility to plan our business.

Andrew Line

Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P Lenovo UK and Ireland

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