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Promotion and Causal Retail

Shorter product life cycles and rapidly changing consumer preferences have increased the need for fast and dynamic reporting. This helps manufacturers and retailers determine market trends, pricing and assortment management.

We help you gauge the ROI of your marketing activities; providing insights across all causal sources from all over the world. From printed circulars, to ecommerce websites, to e-newsletter, to the point of sale in-store, we cover the consumer journey at retail within a leader panel.

We identify and analyze assortment, pricing, placement and promotions at SKU level by named key account to give you the full picture to monitor the impact on retail sales.

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    Peter Feld joins GfK SE as new CEO

    The Supervisory Board of GfK SE has today appointed Peter Feld (51) as new Chief Executive Officer and Management Board member effective March 15, 2017.
    • 09/27/16
    • Retail
    • Promotion and Causal Retail
    • United States
    • English

    GfK Shares Print Ad Discount Trends for H1 in US, Canada

    In the first half of 2016, GfK measured over 60,000 US print ads and almost 20,000 in Canada, tracking discount frequency and levels for many major categories.
    • 02/26/16
    • Promotion and Causal Retail
    • United States
    • English

    Refrigerator advertising in North America - 3 key trends

    We’ve picked up on some interesting advertising trends for refrigerators in North America that you might interest you. Take a look at our infographic to find out more.
    • 09/29/15
    • Retail
    • Promotion and Causal Retail
    • United States
    • English

    Back-to-School Discounts on TVs Grow Year-to-Year in US -- GfK

    During the frenetic back-to-school shopping season, US consumers had access to substantial discounts on TV sets, says GfK.
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