How American consumers are handling the COVID-19 outbreak

with Karen Ramspacher

COVID-19 is changing current and future consumer behaviors. In this episode, Karen Ramspacher from MRI-Simmons sits down with us to discuss recent results from their new (and free) COVID-19 report. What purchases and plans have consumers postponed? What media are they consuming? And what new attitudes will influence their behavior with brands in the future?

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Karen Ramspacher
SVP, Innovation & Insights

Karen is SVP of Innovation & Insights for GfK MRI with more than 20 years of experience as a media account planner and researcher. At GfK MRI she is responsible for identifying and exploring drivers to consumer behavior in the changing media landscape and beyond. She began her media career as an account planner at boutique ad agencies, then worked in TV research at Oxygen, Fuse, and Pivot/Participant Media.

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Study: COVID-19: Consumer Insights Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed life in the United States. The MRI-Simmons COVID-19 study explores consumer attitudes and behavior related to the pandemic, and reveals two consumer segments that have emerged as a result of the crisis.

This report explores:

  • Demographics, psychographics, and attitudes of COVID-19 personality types
  • Impact on product purchases and intent
  • Delayed, postponed, and canceled activities
  • Media usage and preferences by category and platform
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