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The rise of the UK’s second-hand mobile phone market

with Lizzie Bailey and Chris Purnell

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Thinking Ahead

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One-quarter of all UK mobile phones sales in 2023 were for second-hand or refurbished handsets 

Explore the dynamic shift in consumer behaviour within the UK mobile phone market in 2023, where a significant 25% of all mobile phones purchased were either second-hand or refurbished, up from the 19% in 2021. Join Lizzie Bailey and Chris Purnell, experts from GfK UK, as they unravel the intriguing statistics that underpin this trend.

In this episode of the Thinking Ahead podcast, we delve into the motivations behind the surge in used and refurbished phone purchases. Gain valuable insights into the demographics of those opting for pre-owned devices and discover the driving forces behind their choices. Is it solely influenced by price considerations, or are environmental concerns playing a role in shaping this shift? Tune in now to unravel the nuanced layers of this evolving consumer landscape.

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