A successful product's journey from idea to launch

with Jeremy Anderson and Neal Heffernan

80% of new products fail, yet innovation is critical to a brand's future. How do you mitigate risk and measure its success? In this episode, Fifty Gazelles' Jeremy Andersen and GfK's Neal Heffernan unfold what makes a successful product. From sparked idea to development to launch, tune in to understand what tips the scale.

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This episode features

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson
Fifty Gazelles

Jeremy is an innovation professional with a passion for getting new ideas into market quickly. Fifty Gazelles’ practice focuses on commercializing new consumer packaged goods products, building long-term partnerships, and leading transactional market tests. Trained in facilitation and creative partnership models, Jeremy leads agile commercialization efforts that stich together internal and external resources, avoid common barriers to growth, and deliver in market results faster, cheaper and with less risk.

Neal Heffernan

Neal Heffernan
EVP, GfK Sales Effectiveness North America
GfK Consumer Insights

With over 25 years of experience in the CPG and retail industry, Neal leads the GfK Sales Effectiveness team here in North America. He oversees the design, execution and analysis of marketing ROI studies utilizing retailer loyalty card data and in-market controlled store tests for manufacturers and retailers. As an expert across advanced research methodologies, Neal is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has been the subject matter expert in news articles including the New York Times.

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