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Our world is changing fast. The increasing speed of product innovation, the rise of new channels, and emerging customer needs are all part of business today.

Our clients are businesses around the globe. To make the best possible business decisions every day, they need to know what is happening now - and in the future. They need more than purely descriptive data - business decision makers need actionable recommendations based on advanced analytics.

We don't have a crystal ball. But we love data and science and we understand how to connect the two. We care about attention to detail and accuracy. We are digital engineers who build world-class analytics, provide actionable recommendations, powered by leading edge technology.

We are in the unique position to leverage proprietary and third-party data to create indispensable predictive market and consumer insights and recommendations.

Because people who know best lead the way. That’s why GfK means Growth from Knowledge.

Press Release: Small Domestic Appliances Grow with Innovations

Small Domestic Appliances Markets 2016 Overview: Global vs Nigeria

In 2016, the Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) market experienced growth worldwide. Total global revenue was around 61 billion USD with a 5% growth over 2015. In Nigeria however, the market for SDAs experienced an 18% decline in units compared to previous year. This was due largely to the recession in the country in 2016 resulting in a negative growth rate. 

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Press Release: Small Domestic Appliances Grow with Innovations (PDF) |146 KB



Press Release: Nigeria and Global Smartphone Markets

Nigerian Smartphone market has recorded 5.7 million units in 2016 with a 17% decline compared to 2015 figures, according to GfK Point of Sales data.

The market continues in a downward trend for the first 2 months of 2017. Global Smartphone demand totaled 1.41 billion units for 2016 and GfK forecasts a 3% growth for 2017, resulting in 1.48 billion units.

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Press Release: Nigeria and Global Smartphone Markets (PDF) | 148 KB

Tech Trends 2017

Explore the world of the Connected Consumers through our insights

In the latest edition of Tech Trends we focus on five of the hottest technologies that have the potential to impact Connected Consumers’ lives.

We ask when payments will be mobile, how virtual reality will work in the “real” world, when homes will be smart, if vehicles will ever be autonomous, and finally, we warn you not to dismiss wearables.

Don’t miss out on the power of these five trends to transform your business: download our full Tech Trends 2017 report.

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Multi sim smartphones in high demand in Nigeria

To many Nigerians a smartphone is more than just another device that accomplishes certain tasks such as making or receiving calls. Nigerians actually see their smartphones as an expression of their status and lifestyle, and have constantly identified their smartphones as one thing they cannot do without.

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Nigeria Population Survey 2015

The Nigeria Population Survey is the brainchild of the GfK Verein with co-funding provided by the German Investment Corporation. The survey covers 2,500 respondents spread across thirty-five of Nigeria’s thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory. An impressive 465 out of Nigeria’s 755 Local Government Areas were sampled.

The survey provided extremely useful insights in areas such as demographics, education, daily life, income and expenditure, living conditions and Nigerian mood and values amongst others. We are extremely proud in GfK of our ability to take big data such as the Nigeria Population Survey and turn it into smart data that can be useful to all players in the market place.

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Understanding the Nigerian Retail Landscape

The Nigerian retail scene is thriving and remains an important market to manufacturers with it's huge potentials in terms of population and purchasing power. GfK has been tracking retail sales developments for Technical Consumer Goods for the past eight years and is in poll position to provide clients and prospects with deep insights on how the markets operate.

The retail landscape, in the top forty cities which we monitor on a monthly basis is rapidly evolving. There is presently the establishment of more organised retail chains in the major cities. In addition to this more and more shopping malls are currently being built thus taking the concept of organised retailing closer to the consumer.

The "informal" retail sector still accounts for a substantial percentage of retail sales though, as independents litter the Nigerian marketspace. Many people have taken up retailing as a business opportunity which accounts for the thousands of stores springing up in many Nigerian cities.

There are currently over six thousand stores retailing technical consumer goods with the highest numbers involved in retailing Phones and their accessories in Nigeria's top forty cities. Even online retailing is booming with many Nigerians buying products online and paying on delivery.

GfK is perfectly positioned to provide interested investors and stakeholders with data and insights, in other words research that can lead to smart business decisions. You can rely on us for a proper understanding of all the channels, universes and peculiarities of the Nigerian Retail Scene. Kindly contact us for more information of how we can be of service to you.

Nigerian reatail landscape

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