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A look into our commitment: Our Sustainability Report Highlights

by Jochen Franz , 25.10.2023

Like others in our industry, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and exploring new approaches to work and lifestyle. We have questioned traditional practices related to office work and travel, emphasizing prioritizing the health and well-being of our colleagues and communities.

Our commitment to improving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns is reflected in our actions. Like always, we focus on three core areas: our People, Partners, and Planet. This is where our passion lies, and it’s why it’s the center of all we do.


At GfK, we strive to cultivate an environment of trust and respect where differences are celebrated, unique perspectives are heard, and our People feel free to be their best, authentic selves. As a global company in quickly changing times, we believe this is not just our responsibility, it’s smart business.

The most recent edition of the Survey, conducted in May 2022, covered not only the standard employee satisfaction questions but also gauged our People’s desires around flexible work arrangements. With a participation rate of 75%, the Survey results showed a rise in overall employee satisfaction over the previous Survey, with a 5-point increase in Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)— a measure of employees’ willingness to recommend GfK as a place to work.


Effective, long-term partnerships help open up fresh opportunities and new lines of creative thinking for all parties involved. They deliver value not only to us but to our clients, suppliers, and industry partners. This is why we invest our expertise, passion, and time to create strong partnerships throughout the GfK ecosystem.

Sustainability substantially impacts sales in many industries, including tech and durable goods. Throughout 2022, our company continued to adapt to incorporate relevant data points around sustainability into our existing products. We also continued to build out our portfolio of products dedicated entirely to insights on sustainability. This helps our clients bridge the gap to become more environmentally sustainable brands whose products meet consumers’ full range of expectations.


As a global player, we recognize our company’s impact on the Planet and the opportunities open to us to protect our environment. For us, commercial success and environmentally responsible behavior are linked. To be holistically successful, we must have sustainability around every branch of our activities.

Embracing a hybrid work model has allowed us to empower our People to find their own optimal work-life balance while simultaneously reducing our impact on the Planet. In 2022, we saw a reduction in employee commuting emissions of approximately 74% compared to our 2019 base year.

This is only a snapshot of our achievements over the past year. For a comprehensive overview of all our commitments related to People, Partners, and Planet, along with the strides we've taken toward accomplishing these objectives, we invite you to read our most recent Sustainability Report.

We believe that we can only contribute to improving our world by establishing ambitious benchmarks. We fully acknowledge the significance of the challenges we've taken upon ourselves and are determined to confront them head-on, learning and evolving through experience. Every step of the way, we invite feedback and insight to ensure we stay on the path of progress.

To learn more about how we prioritize sustainable growth, please read our latest sustainability report.

GfK's Sustainability Report 2022