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Top 5 futuristic products of 2015

by Roel Koppers , 10.06.2015

As we know, 2015 has brought us a wide array of wearables, tech products that connect our homes, devices, and cars – as well as change the way we pay and order products.

With all of the hype of the Apple Watch, mobile wallets and the internet of things, here are some products that you may not have been aware of, but indeed exist. *smirk*


1. Mattel Hover Board

Mattel introduced the HoverBoard this year as an alternative to the wheeled skateboard. Enthusiasts believe it will be a great success. Careful though, they don’t float over water!


Via Propstore.com

2. Jeep SkyWrangler

Jeep unveiled its concept SkyWrangler this year making it the first sky terrain vehicle on the market!


Via Back to the Future Part II(1989)

3. Nike Air MAG

Finally a pair of shoes that auto-adjust to even the most fickle of feet!


Via theregister.co.uk

4. PetsCo Automatic Dog Walker

Cold morning and late night dog walking is no longer a real chore. Enjoy that night in without the hassle. Even comes with a curbing add-on.


Via Back to the Future Part II(1989)

5. Black & Decker Hydrator

Rehydrate that darn space food in mere seconds with the new Black & Decker Hydrator.


Via thekitchn.com


**All products are fictional and in reference to the film, Back to the Future Part II. All claims in this blog post are made up and solely for entertainment.