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Being Green wins you customers

by Matthias Hartmann , 08.06.2015

Based on our study findings, being green attracts consumers. But, before brands leap for their strategy plans, let’s analyze what really motivates consumers in this area. Here are the facts.

Three quarters of consumers internationally say that brands today have to be environmentally responsible. And just short of two thirds claim they only buy products and services that appeal to their beliefs, values or ideals.

As we all know, there is always some disparity between what people say they do, versus what they actually do. But what we are highlighting here is consumers’ aspirations - the picture of how they wish things were.

People want to feel good about where they spend their money.

Nearly two thirds confess that they personally feel guilty if they do something that they know is not environmentally friendly. Now, this guilt factor may not push them into buying a green product priced at twice the amount of the non-green alternative. But give them two fairly equal products and they are likely to choose the one that delivers a bit of ‘feel good factor’ that resonates with their own personal values.

How do brands tap into this?

The key is to identify easily achievable actions that will trigger the ‘green glow’ with consumers’ subconscious – and communicate this at the precise points in consumers’ purchase journeys where they are actively making their selections.

It could be as simple as reduced packaging or a commitment to planting trees – the vital bit is putting this message in front of consumers at the critical decision points available along the path to purchase. Identifying those decision points is the tricky bit... and is just one of the areas where GfK has the expertise that helps transform market insight into smart, relevant action for our clients.

Showing consumers that your brand or company shares a fundamental value in common with them – and doing this at the optimal ‘trigger points’ in their purchase journey - is the surest way to win attention in a crowded and noisy marketplace.

You can download more findings on this topic here

Matthias Hartmann is CEO of GfK.