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Gaining traction: truck tire sales in europe

by Perrine Guyot , 28.10.2014

Some of the most perplexing questions in marketing are indeed some of the most intellectually interesting ones. There's so many ways to approach a research question. Which is the right approach? Is my model the best-suited? What about the data in my model?

As the leader for automotive in southwest Europe at GfK, it is my job to accompany clients on the intellectual journey of understanding the market. In my opinion, our jobs got easier with the recent introduction of "sales out" data for the truck tire market in Europe. (See an earlier article in which I discuss the difference in "sales in" and "sales out" data for French truck tires.)

Now I'd like to turn to three infographics below that highlight what's happening in France, Italy and the UK.

Here are a few highlights from our research:

The most important difference in the markets is the use of remolded (retreaded) tires: It’s common in France, with a 50.5 percent market share, while such tires only interest 22 percent of buyers in Italy.

It's almost the other way around (though the amounts are smaller) in a different part of the market: Long haul tires represent more of the market share in Italy (22.6 percent), compared to France (12.6 percent).

The UK stands out for its substantially larger market share for 19.5 inch tires of 19.5 percent. This compares to a market share in Italy of 7.7 percent and in France of only 5.4 percent.

These are a few of the details we can share publicly. With our clients, we provide many more data points and, of course, we make operational recommendations to help clients optimize their marketing spend.

In the end, we all share the same belief: Deep market insights and knowledge provide a powerful advantage. And that makes answering complex research questions that much more interesting.

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Gaining market traction with truck tire data in Europe - Read our blog.