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Success with pleasure: interview with Helmut Meysenburg, BMW

by Andrea Groeppel-Klein , 11.06.2014

“Sheer driving pleasure” is the essence of the BMW brand.

Helmut Meysenburg, Head of Brand Strategies, Market Research, Competition at BMW Group takes us behind the scenes of the world brand from Bavaria, the success of which makes one think that the promised thrill behind the wheel is definitely not a product of chance …

Interview from GfK MIR, GfK Verein's magazine:

mir: Mr. Meysenburg, BMW's advertising slogan is “sheer driving pleasure”. This is astonishing language to use in a slogan. After all, one would think that, for such technical products as cars, hard facts like horsepower, acceleration and gas mileage would be the key elements of the sales pitch. Why did BMW choose to use this emotional hook for its communications?

helmut meysenburg: Pleasure is a key component of the BMW brand. Sheer driving pleasure, sheer joy about the car and sheer delight about mobility. At BMW, technology is not an end in itself. Rather, it is the means that empowers people to do something primal: to move, to proceed forward, to enjoy the feel of speed, but also to travel safely and comfortably. Of course, emotions are not just triggered by the dynamics. They are also set off by the design of the exterior and interior, the innovations and, finally, the quality.

mir: How do you try to keep this emotional promise?

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The interview was conducted by Professor Andrea Kroeppel-Klein.

Source: GfK MIR - Interview (p46-51) Vol. 6, No. 1, 2014 / GfK MIR, the biannual journal by the GfK Verein.

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