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Ethnicity in Canada: The Asian Grocery Store Goes Mainstream

by Juliann Ng , 25.06.2014

Canada’s booming Asian population is transforming the country’s culture – and its consumer marketplace. And some marketers are finding creative ways to respond to this opportunity. No longer overlooked by major CPG manufacturers and retailers, Canada’s Asian consumers are seeing their wants and preferences more fully met in the grocery aisles – and even on the websites of large food companies.

In our latest video, Juliann Ng (Vice President of GfK Consumer Experiences) talks about her personal experience as an Asian Canadian, and the opportunities marketers have to tailor food products, store shelves, and online content to Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino tastes in Canada.

What can marketers learn?

  • value of Asian consumers in Canada continues to grow
  • plenty of opportunities to cater to Canada’s Asian market through new product developments, e-commerce and targeted marketing
  • achieve a deeper connection with Canada’s Asian consumer


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