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Social media and the Sochi Olympics – part two: Did Olympics Sponsors Strike Gold?

by Christian Waldheim , 14.03.2014

As the Sochi events end with the Paralympic Winter Games closing ceremony we conclude our month long tracking project of three Olympic sponsors.

Sponsorship of a worldwide event, such as the Winter Olympics, is a major investment, so sponsors naturally want to know if their support has benefited their brand reputation.

By analysing conversations on social media, we can capture a robust picture of who is talking about the sponsoring brands and how much, what the sentiment is, what the key themes or topics of the posts are, and whether brand reputation has gone up or down for each sponsor over the course of the sponsored event.

Starting one week before the Sochi Winter Olympics opened, and ending one week after the closing ceremony, we tracked the English language conversations that were taking place across a variety of social media channels around three of the global sponsors: Coca-Cola,
Procter & Gamble and Visa.

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If you want to learn more about how we did this study please visit our Social Media Intelligence page.