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How to target multi-channel consumers

by Karin Schmid , 21.02.2014

The amount of time that consumers spend online has been rising for years. That’s not news.

But what is interesting is that the amount of time spent on the internet has not ‘eaten into’ the amount of time spent watching TV or listening to the radio.

Instead, consumers are increasing their overall amount of media consumption, so that they are adding online channels while keeping the traditional channels too.

In particular, the under-29-year-olds (a highly attractive group, representing the ‘purchasing power of tomorrow’) spend pretty much equal amounts of time online, watching TV and listening to the radio.

Media Consumption

Average consumption time (in minutes, Mon-Sun) for adults aged 14 years and older.


Multi-channel shoppers are worth the effort

Our research proves that multi-channel shoppers are more value oriented and willing to spend more, in order to get good quality, design and innovation. These shoppers value a strong brand reputation and, while they will be looking for a good price, they are willing to spend more with a brand that gives them a great shopping experience.

Multi-Channel Buyers Are Value-Oriented


So how can you reach these multi-channel shoppers?

Focus on mobile users

In our complex, multi-channel world, mobile users are a significant and clearly defined group. This makes it easier to design and deliver targeted offers that cater for their needs.

Added to that, our data shows that mobile users are ready to spend more than other groups – and this holds true across a number of different brands.


Focus on social media

Social media is a great place to make contact with your target groups.  We use our GfK Media Efficiency Panel to measure whether consumers who have contact with brands on social media platforms spend more on those brands – and how much more. In the case of cosmetics brands, that answer is a strong YES, with consumers spending up to 20% more money, depending on the social media platform they are on. This performance can be transferred to other FMCG groups, if the social media connection is correctly done.

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