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Wearable tech: this season's must-have insight on the latest trend

by Richard Preedy , 12.12.2013

Undoubtedly one of this year’s buzz phrases, ‘wearable computing’ is yet another demonstration of technology’s on-going infiltration into everyday life. However, while the addressable market for the two devices most readily associated with wearable tech – smart watches and glasses – is tempting as well as substantial, enthusiasm for the category at this early stage is arguably more reflective of the potential than the reality.

Mainstream reaction to some of the initial product releases has been mixed, with as many analysts questioning the intrinsic value and likely consumer uptake for wearable tech as praising the first wave of devices. However, while the familiar, rational stumbling blocks of price, battery life and the like have been rolled out as inevitable barriers for consumers, one of the more interesting obstacles to adoption is actually a behavioral, rather than a technological, issue.

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