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Finding the Right Phone at the Right Price

by Helen Barrow , 18.07.2013

Two years ago my Mum upgraded her mobile phone from a basic feature phone to one that could take and send picture messages, but why didn’t she upgrade to a smartphone? It was during the smartphone boom, but she chose her phone based on size of screen and cost. She didn’t choose it based on how great it looked or how good the apps were; she just wanted to be able to take and receive pictures of her grandchildren, simple.

I know when I first got my Android phone over three years ago I used to be very proud when I got it out of my bag and browsed the internet. I also used to wonder why everyone hadn’t got one. But not everyone needs to have so many bells and whistles, and in these austere times not everyone can afford them.

With this in mind, I was very interested to see that browser makers Firefox have just launched their new phone the ZTE Open in Spain, priced at €39. This phone is aimed at people who are moving from feature phones to smartphones for the first time. The low cost makes the leap to the next level of phone functionality much more attainable, so you can have the prestige of carrying a smartphone in your pocket without the price tag.

We know that according to Mood of the World 2013 from GfK Consumer Trends, 35% of Spanish consumers have cut back on cell phone costs in the past year, so if we can’t afford the best we look for a cheaper alternative that still gives us the functionality and the feeling of status we like but is within our budget.

The other interesting aspect of this new phone, besides price, is that its relative simplicity will appeal to the many consumers who look for technology that is useful but not dauntingly complicated, Roper Reports Worldwide data shows that 30% of consumers agree that if a new technology product is not simple to use, they lose interest in it. One day it might become a necessity for my Mum to learn how to use a touch screen phone, and a model like this is more likely to appeal to her than a top-of-the-range variant with every feature under the sun.

It is good to remember that one size does not fit all and that brands should not always be looking at the top as sometimes in the long term the bottom can sometimes reap the biggest rewards and by being the first to position yourself there with a great value innovative product you can be ahead of the game.

The consumer insights detailed in this blog are derived from in-depth analysis of GfK’s largest, longest-standing and most robust consumer trends study in the world – Roper Reports Worldwide