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Innovation design? Let your customers lead the way

by Richard Matthews , 03.06.2013

Design, visualise, iterate, tweak…it’s a process critical to launching an innovation fully in tune with the opportunity space available, and what your consumers want and expect you to deliver.

For creativity to have maximum effect in product innovation, it needs to be channelled through the filter of understanding the complex emotional and functional needs of the consumer. Only then can you be certain that your innovation fills an opportunity space and isn’t an innovation simply because technology allows it.

You’ll avoid a lot of pitfalls by letting the purchasing public have their say early on in the design process, and the tools are readily available to allow them to bring the products to life, even vote upon and filter out those aspects that do not resonate. The market-savvy innovator will encourage consumers to get involved early on in the process of ideation and creative conception, not only to iron out those elements that spell the difference between product success and failure, but also support the executive suite’s optimism and attitude to their investment. If the market size is right, and the product truly delivering to consumer needs, then they can expect a healthy ROI.

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