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BYOD: The importance of mobility

by Carl West , 08.04.2013

With over 25 million smartphones sold over the last 5 years and the increased share of ultra-mobile laptops and media tablets, mobility is a hot topic.

Working from home, remote access, reduced cost of wireless data plans and improved security have all lead to functional design changes in the traditional laptop. Following the leap in design of laptops at home and the relatively new computing form factor media tablets consumerization has taken hold. Consumerization, which is the adoption of non-business designed products in the work place, has meant a steady growth in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

In 2012, media tablets accounted for over a half of mobile computing sales units in the business sector with a growth of 158% compared to 2011. Media tablets doubled its value contribution to IT sales in the UK for the last quarter of 2012 and almost matched notebook sales in volume terms. The traditional computing form factors still remain dominant in the B2B market but these new desirable, instant on, social network laced, cloud supported and app enabled tablets are refreshing the traditional work flow concept and historic accessibility available.

Watch Carl West being interviewed at last year’s CompTia Conference around his panel session touching on mobility, here.