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The Future of Automotive Technology

by Sam Mccloy , 12.01.2013

On Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas, GfK and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) shared results from new research on which technologies new car buyers (both drivers and passengers) will want on the inside of their cars five years from now. In his blog post on the topic last August, Ralph Blessing wrote:

“Just as in the home, the pace of car tech change has accelerated dramatically. Satellite radio is giving way to Internet connections and Pandora; back-up cameras and voice-activated controls are almost standard equipment. … But do drivers want all of the innovations that car makers and their suppliers can provide?”

Our presentation with the CEA helps to answer that question; you can learn more about the “Future of Automotive Technology” study in this interview recorded at the conference.


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