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10 Twitter Accounts Every UX Professional Should Follow

by Pamela Gay , 19.07.2012

Continuously refining your skills is essential to being well-rounded and highly regarded within any industry. As experienced UX researchers, we know how important it is to anticipate and adapt, since constant technology advancements profoundly influence the way customers interact with organizations and products.

One way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in UX is by monitoring Twitter. Yet with over 140 million active users in the vast Twitterverse, it can be overwhelming to identify and connect with key influencers and UX resources on this popular micro-blogging platform.

So, to help narrow it down, our UX researchers weighed in and recommended some of their favorite “UX tweeps” (in alphabetical order): 

1. @BogieZero – What most of us tend to forget is that social media is supposed to be a collaborative effort for sharing compelling content from others, in addition to our own. This is where content curator and information architect Peter Bogaards steps in, by retweeting what he finds interesting from others. (Many have obviously taken notice given his impressive following.)

2. @finduxevents – “Helping UX Professionals Find UX Events” happening all over the world. If you’re on the lookout for conferences, webinars and networking opportunities, then this is a must follow.

3. @iA – The official twitter account for Tokyo-based designer and Information Architects (iA) founder, Oliver Reichenstein. With tweets about design, technology and region-related events, it’s no surprise that he’s accumulated so many followers.

4. @lukew – Luke Wroblewski is an experienced designer and active blogger who regularly tweets original content about mobile devices, user interface (UI) design, content strategy, and responsive design.

5. @MeasuringU – Tweets about usability and statistics from UX Researcher, author and blogger Jeff Sauro. While mostly tweeting his new blog posts, Jeff is also a great resource for the latest news and trends in mobile technology and e-commerce.

6. @RosenfeldMedia – The popular UX publishing company has a dynamic Twitter presence, with tweets about recently reviewed and published books, promotional offers and user experience design.

7. @semanticwill – For a more “blunt” take on the UX community and trends, Will Evans, head of UX design for The Ladders, isn’t shy about offering opinions regarding common pitfalls in design and research.

8. @usabilitycounts – Patrick Neeman is the Director of User Experience at Jobvite and an active blogger who shares original UX-related stories and thoughts. With a sharp wit and fun sense of humor mixed in with his tweets, this is a great one to follow for his knowledgeable insight… and for occasional laughs as well.

9. @uxfeeds – While this is just a syndicated feed of related articles and not an organization or UX professional, most of the tweets contain links to great blog posts. It’s also a simple way to ensure you don’t miss tweets from other notable UX peeps.

10. @UXPA_Int – To stay abreast on the latest developments in the UX field, following this non-profit organization is probably a no-brainer. The User Experience Professionals' Association (UXPA) – formerly The Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) – provides tweets about upcoming UXPA-hosted events, news and articles from chapters all over the world.

Readers, what other UX professionals or resources do you think should be added to the list?

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