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Eye Tracking

Researching eye movement measures to supplement data collected with more traditional user research methods (usability testing, user interviews), enables you to:

  • Determine what users find important or interesting and what they tend to ignore
  • Assess users' decision-making processes
  • Explain inefficient or ineffective performance
  • Identify search patterns and strategies
  • Evaluate the match between visual designs and business objectives

We have applied eye tracking to a variety of projects, including commercial and informational websites, major search engines and portals, online advertising and online ad formats, product packaging, medication labels and email advertising.

GfK offers eye tracking for package design to help make packaging more noticeable, engaging and convincing.

Read more about Eye Tracking for Package Design

Eye tracking can also help measure the branding impact of pay-per-click advertising. We offer eye tracking of PPC ads -- a service that tests the branding impact of different ad positions on search engine results pages. Examples can be found by visiting Eye Tracking Bing vs. Google: A First Look and Do Not Overlook the Importance of the Display URLs in PPC Ads.

GfK has four state-of-the-art eye tracking labs. We use special monitors with infrared technology, designed spec,ifically for capturing eye movements. This technology allows participants to be comfortable, as they do not have to wear any devices on their head. Our eye trackers require minimal set-up time, are nearly invisible to the participants and provide high-quality of data.

If you are new to eye tracking, we also offer a complete customized workshop to fill in the gaps of your team's skill set.

Read more about our eye tracking workshop.

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