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User experience

We help you design useful, usable and engaging experiences

New technology trends pave the way for exceptional user experiences (UX). Product purchasing, loyalty and even safety often hinge on these interactions. Your customers want elegant integrations of features and functions; we respond to this by helping you to intentionally define, design and map these experience points. This results in product acceptance and, ultimately, success in the marketplace.

We focus on UX from the beginning of product development, outlining a UX strategy which is the foundation of our user-centered design process. We understand your users and involve them in the design, reducing the risk of failed products and services and costly post-launch changes.

When optimizing the product, we provide a holistic view of what customers experience. Varieties of techniques allow us to measure the experience and help you prioritize the focus of your investment to maximize impact.

Why use us for UX research?

Many consulting firms will say, “We’re big and we’re smart.” While this is also true for us, we want to highlight what actually differentiates us.

Insights to activation

Our UX services complement and extend our market research with direct observation and measurement of how your customers experience your products and services. We ensure market research and UX insights are carried through into the design in a way that is useful, usable and engaging.

Cross-industry expertise

We have expertise across all major industries, providing you with unique access to a cross-pollination of ideas. Our global UX thought leaders identify the “white space” of your next opportunity.


We use proprietary tools, including the UX Score, to measure and benchmark the user experience to help you design best in class products and services.

Global expertise and capabilities

We are the largest user experience group in the world, with custom-built usability studios in key global locations. Our studios and partnerships, in more than 100 countries, help us remove the uncertainties, challenges and pitfalls of executing global projects by providing uniform best practices and one point of contact. We also conduct simultaneous programs of research with more than 150 UX experts, significantly reducing project timelines without compromising quality.

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