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Consumer Trends and forecasting

​Understand current consumer trends and plan for the future. Understanding consumer market behavior calls for more than simply tracking what is happening.

It requires an understanding of why things are happening, which forces are driving the change and how these shifts represent new opportunities for your business. To plan effectively, you also need relevant forecasts that help optimization of supply to future demand.

We bring you this information by looking at:

Global consumer trends

We provide the richest source of intelligence on trends in consumer lifestyles, values, attitudes, and behaviors worldwide. 

With this, we help you understand the consumer climate in different countries, identify the significant trends that are affecting your market, and interpret the opportunities and challenges these present.

  • How is the current economic situation impacting consumers in developed and high-growth markets?
  • How can an understanding of changing consumer lifestyles and values fuel your new product innovation and service offers?
  • How and where are global consumer trends and drivers impacting your markets and consumer groups? How can you identify consumer similarities and differences worldwide?

We assign you a dedicated consulting team that understands your category, business and brand. 
Our team works closely with you, to interpret our consumer findings and explore the implications for your brand managers, product developers, front-line salespeople and customer support teams.

You’ll have access to

  • Customized analyses
  • On site presentations and briefing session, to address your specific business challenges
  • Relevant and actionable intelligence, targeted at strengthening your market position

Retail sales trends and forecasting

If you need to know what products consumers will buy and in what volume, our forward-looking, quantified insights will support your strategic and operational decision making.
Our analysis and forecasts are uniquely actionable, telling you ahead of the competition what you need to know about today and tomorrow. Because they are based on our solid retail sales tracking data, our forecasts promise you:

  • visibility of true end-demand Unlike our forecasts, many others focus on shipments - and so cannot be used as accurate indicators of end-demand, as they do not allow for shifts in the demand-supply balance.
  • a high level of accurate forecasts, especially to one year The coverage and granularity of our retail tracking data provide a uniquely powerful base for building accurate forecasts, particularly one year out. It enables rich analysis of product mix trends, pricing trends and sales seasonality - all relevant to the near-term outlook
  • timeliness Our forecasts are updated using our weekly retail tracking data wherever possible – which means we always factor in the very latest data, ensuring that unexpected changes in market development are captured.
  • granularity up to 4 year's forecast horizon, depending on the product. The comprehensive market coverage and granularity of our retail tracking data provides a uniquely powerful base for building highly focused forecasts, particularly one year out. It enables rich analysis of product mix and pricing trends, as well as sales seasonality. This lets us provide near-term forecasting by month for critical market segments, including price bands.

    Our solutions are used to enhance operational planning and guide decision making on investments.

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    Trends and forecasting is part of our global offering; however, it may not be fully available in some regions/countries. Please contact our experts for more details

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Gregoire Lemaitre Global Lead,
Trends & forecasting
Kathy SheehanTrends and Forecasting
 I want to personally thank you for the truly outstanding partnership and quality of work. The meeting was exceptional, the work is breakthrough and it is going to have legs and impact in so many big areas at [our company] over the next few months. […] The quality and speed and attitude that you and your team showed are so impressive - we can’t thank you enough.

Major food and beverage client, USA