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User Experience

User Experience (UX)

Today’s consumer is bombarded with promises for compelling experiences. They are sophisticated and demanding.  To be successful, a new product or service needs to be intuitive, usable, engaging and desirable.  The user experience needs to be emotional in order to be memorable.  

GfK’s User Experience (UX) research and design experts help our clients create and improve customer experiences for existing or new products and services.

We bring your customers into the heart of the design process from the start; reducing the risk of failed products and costly post-launch changes. We project user insights into all stages of development, from early concepts and prototyping through launch and post-launch activity.

Our user experience findings reveal definitive plans on how to best differentiate your products and services, capitalize on current market opportunities, and guide the UX of future product and service design.

As a result our clients create experiences that are engaging and meaningful; driving user adoption and customer satisfaction. 

Gavin Lew
North America
+1 630 320 3901

UX Labs

GfK’s custom-built UX laboratories across multiple key markets are standardized to ensure consistency and high quality, no matter where the research is conducted. We use our UX labs to host test scenarios to meet any need – from a simulated emergency room to a living room environment – and accommodate everything from focus groups to individual interviews. 

For user experience research outside the traditional laboratory environment, we have unmatched mobile studios that allow data-gathering to occur anywhere in the world, in any setting.

Read more about our UX labs


Our GfK UX team is a founding member of UXalliance, the international user experience network. With more than 500 UX professionals worldwide who speak 30-plus languages combined, the UXalliance gives you access to local experts with deep knowledge of local markets.

To ensure reports are comparable across countries, our partners adhere to strict quality standards and proprietary guidelines. And we have been making global UX research easy since 2005 by offering cost-savings and shorter timelines for multi-country projects.

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    Peter Feld joins GfK SE as new CEO

    The Supervisory Board of GfK SE has today appointed Peter Feld (51) as new Chief Executive Officer and Management Board member effective March 15, 2017.
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    GfK to Debut New UX Facility on World Usability Day

    To celebrate the 11th annual World Usability Day, GfK will host the grand opening of a new, state-of-the-art user experience (UX) research facility in Boston. The casual and interactive event will be held on November 10, from 5:00 to 8:00PM, and will focus on healthcare and UX. Attendees can network and share ideas on how to make Rx medical device and diagnostic products more successful.
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    GfK’s Lauren Zack to Speak at Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit

    Lauren Zack, Senior Vice President of User Experience (UX) at GfK, will explore ways to maximize the user experience of minimum viable products in a session at the Digital Design and Web Innovation Summit.
    • 08/01/16
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    The fickle relationship between brand and the user experience

    A new connection between the user experience (UX), purchase intent, and brand strength identifies linkages to growth.
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