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Consumer panels

Your business is all about your consumers, so understanding them is essential in ensuring your products and services meet their needs, and to identify opportunities for growth. 

Our international consumer panel research expertise provides you with smart customer insights into who your consumers are, their attitudes and behaviors, across all channels.

We use our consumer panel data to explore shopping behavior; where consumers go to find new products, how they research and compare products, how they use them and the factors that drive their decision making and path to purchase.

We identify key consumer trends and use customer segmentation to pinpoint ideal target audiences, identify market opportunities and help you develop actionable strategies for growth. This helps drive business performance and your bottom line.


KnowledgePanel® (North America)

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    • 01/10/17
    • Public Services
    • Consumer Panels
    • Omnibus
    • Government & Academic (North America)
    • KnowledgePanel® (North America)
    • Goverment & Academic (North America)
    • Public Communications and Social Science
    • United States
    • English

    GfK joins AAPOR Transparency Initiative

    Two GfK research divisions in North America – Government & Academic and Public Communications & Social Science – have been accepted for membership in the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Transparency Initiative.

    • 10/24/16
    • Media Measurement
    • Consumer Panels
    • Social Media Intelligence Center
    • GfK-MRI
    • United States
    • English

    GfK MRI Partners with Cubeyou, Enhancing Gold-Standard Consumer Profile Data with Billions of Social Media Interactions

    GfK MRI and Cubeyou are joining forces to create an unmatched resource for understanding the interactions of social media and product usage – deep profiles of consumer beliefs and behavior married to social media use data from over 10 million accounts.
    • 07/20/16
    • Consumer Panels
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Consumer Life
    • United States
    • English

    New GfK Data: US Consumers More Concerned about Safety, Security Than Canadian

    In just-released GfK research, almost four in ten (37%) US consumers report that they are “always concerned” about their safety and security -- 10 percentage points higher than the level for Canadians.
    • 06/06/16
    • Consumer Panels
    • United States
    • English

    GfK’s Vitek Taking Part in General Counsel Panel on Gender Diversity

    GfK’s Anna Maria Vitek, SVP and General Counsel for the Americas, will be joining five other women general counsels (GCs) at a New York City Bar panel discussion tonight. The topic for the evening will be “The Power of the Purse: How Women General Counsel Supporting Women Outside Counsel Makes Good Business Sense.”
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