Insights to help you win during your busiest sales weeks

About a third* of all consumer spending happens between early November and just after the holiday season. This time can make or break your sales success.

You need to be prepared to maximize your sales during the year’s key promotional events. To outsmart your competitors, grow your market share and drive brand loyalty.

In our Peak Season Hub you’ll find reliable, up-to-date insights into all aspects of the shopping process – market developments, shopping behavior, pricing and promotion strategy, and consumer trends.

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Infographic: Black Friday 2021
White paper: Winning the Peak Season 2021
White paper: Pricing and promotion in 2021
Insights article: Planning Black Friday 2021
Video: Top three planning tips
for Black Friday 2021
  • Key facts, figures and trends

    In another unusual year, how were Black Friday sales impacted and what changed from 2020?


    In our infographic, you’ll find insights on:

    • How Black Friday sales performed in 2021
    • How performance compared to 2020
    • Which products and categories were most in demand
    • How online retail fared versus in-store shopping
    • How market conditions impacted discounting levels this year
    • And more…


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  • Ready, steady, go!

    Get set to conquer the competition during Peak Season 2021


    Based on critical, up-to-date consumer and market insights this white paper helps you to validate your strategies against the latest developments and stay informed and ready to tackle this high-risk, high-reward Q4.

    It identifies four keys to Peak Season 2021 success

    • Understand and prepare for volatility – how will the market shape up?
    • Have your finger on the pulse of today's shopper – how has their behavior been altered by the pandemic?
    • Make sure that you have the right product portfolio – where exactly does demand lie?
    • Continually refine your Peak Season strategies with intelligent, real-time data.


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  • Six steps to success in Q4

    Perfect your pricing and promotions strategy this peak season


    Make sure you follow our six steps to success this peak season to have the maximum chance of being consumers’ brand, product, or retailer of choice:

    • Perfect pricing in the corona virus era
    • Choose less aggressive promotions
    • Focus on availability so you can meet demand
    • Know when consumers will pay more for premium products
    • Adapt to changed online and offline pricing dynamics
    • Respond fast using the latest market intelligence

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  • Plan for Black Friday sales success

    Our five guidelines for peak week sales planning and portfolio management

    Closeup view of three young coworkers_500

    This five-minute read covers:

    • How to plan for each of the three weeks of the seasonal event
    • Ways to capitalize on the increasing importance of e-commerce
    • How to perfect pricing and avoid unecessary price drops
    • Which products to concentrate on
    • Methods to differentiate your offer through enhancing the online sales experience


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  • How to plan Black Friday 2021

    GfK’s strategic insights expert shares key learnings from the past 12 months


    Our expert Norbert Herzog discusses key trends he has observed unfold, and ways to address them. Get answers based on GfK’s unique evidence-based perspective on this crucial time for manufacturers and retailers.

    • Despite COVID-19, how can sales planning be successful?
    • What is most likely going to happen next Black Friday?
    • What is the must-do for this year’s planning?


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