If you know
your customer,
you can adapt and win.

If you know
your customer,
you can adapt and win.

Peak Season Report 2020:
Consumers’ shopping behavior has changed. Have you adjusted accordingly?
Know how to win this Black Friday and beyond in our report.

If you know what consumers need, you will win in the weeks ahead

This will not be a typical peak season - the way people shop has changed and understanding your customers’ new priorities and how to deliver on them is what will separate the winners from the losers this year. Inside our Peak Season 2020 Report, you’ll find insights on:

  • How people are shopping in 2020
  • The rise of ‘need-fueled’ commerce
  • Pricing strategies for peak season
  • And more...

2020 has been a highly unusual year for businesses

...and the peak season will be no different. Key insights you’ll find in the report include: 

  • The importance of digital: 84% of growth has been seen on traditional retailers’ online channels this year
  • Managing unprecedented demand: 35% of consumers said items they needed to purchase were out of stock during the past year
  • Strategies for maintaining momentum: 99% The increase in unit sales of kitchen machines since 2019

The insights to win

This report builds on the most up-to-date insights from GfK's Market Intelligence, Brand Performance Monitor, Consumer Life and a wealth of other resources, to help you adapt to recent trends, placing success at your fingertips this peak season.