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Viviamo in un mondo sovraccarico di dati,  nel quale molte aziende faticano a definire la giusta priorità dei dati e il modo migliore per utilizzarli. 
I dati interni sono fondamentali per valutare e gestire le performance aziendali, ma forniscono solo una conoscenza parziale del contesto. Solo attraverso una visione a 360° è possibile trovare la risposta giusta alle domande di business più importanti, quali ad esempio: 
  • Qual è il mio posizionamento sul mercato?
  • Sto conquistando il mio target di consumatori?
  • I miei prezzi sono ottimizzati per tutte le categorie e i canali di vendita?
  • Il mio brand e i miei prodotti hanno il giusto posizionamento?
  • Come evolverà la domanda per il mio settore?

Unisciti al programma di Data Partnership di GfK

Oggi è più importante che mai monitorare lo stato di salute della propria azienda e prendere decisioni basate sui dati. Forte di una storia iniziata nel 1934, il programma di Data Partnership di GfK rappresenta una fonte di informazioni affidabili, complete e imparziali sul mercato e sui consumatori. Condividendo i vostri dati di vendita con GfK potrete accedere ai dati di mercato rilevati da uno dei Retail Panel più grandi al mondo. Indipendentemente dal tipo di azienda, dalle dimensioni e dall'estensione geografica, i vostri dati saranno sempre anonimizzati e protetti dagli standard più rigorosi. I vostri competitor quasi certamente stanno già beneficiando della partnership con GfK. Non è ora che lo facciate anche voi?

Dati di mercato da alcuni dei più grandi Panel Retail al mondo


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  • Intersport_logo
    GfK brand architect has been invaluable in providing us with strong consumer insights on how our brand is perceived by the target audience, and how consumer expectations and preferences are developing over periods of time. The insights gained have been very much appreciated across the organization including national and international teams working on brand, marketing, retail and category management. The fact that all results are easy and intuitively to use in the dashboard has been key. This enabled us to quickly draw conclusions across the teams and markets – with GfK on hand to provide consultancy and support where it was needed."
    Christoph Frechen
    General Manager Global Marketing, Intersport International Corporation (IIC)
  • Currys
    gfknewron Consumer has been invaluable in providing us with quarterly updates on changing customer needs and preferences. Currys have now been using this tool for the past year and the insights from the tool have been appreciated across the organization including teams working on ranging, and marketing campaigns; and it’s provided an additional dimension to the POS data.

    The fact that the tool is easy to use and intuitive has been key, as it’s enabled us to roll out quickly across the teams – with GfK on hand to provide training support where it was needed."
    Amit Shah
    Head of Commercial Analytics, Currys
  • Elon_Group_logo1_svart_RGB_72
    The data, insight and advice we receive from our long-standing relationship with GfK is core to how our business operates, and to our ongoing success. The intelligence is reliable, and timely - and provides the granularity we need to make meaningful decisions. We put analysis of the trends and latest data at the very heart of our strategy, benchmarking our performance against the market and creating defensive and offensive tactics and action plans. We have a regular dialogue with the experts at GfK who understand our business and provide ideas and guidance that become actions. By working with a partner who understands our business, we have been helped in a very positive way to achieve our goals. I am sure we will continue to push the business forward by working together.”
    Stefan Lebrot
    CEO, Elon Group
  • AO_Logo_ON_Green_RGB-1
    Having access to GfK’s Market Intelligence helps us to make good tactical decisions. We want to be certain that we offer the right product assortment with the most desirable features to our customers, and that we’re listing the right products and ranges from manufacturers. We use this insight daily, as well as relying on our strong relationship with GfK experts for additional information like consumer behaviour and market insights. Recently, we have been using GfK’s new platform, gfknewron, which allows us to access market data easily and quickly."
    Ghina Romani
    Senior Strategic Markets Analyst
  • 768px-Euronics-logo
    In a world that is rapidly changing, we cannot rely any longer only on sensations and visions. Each decision should be based and supported by concreteness, and only facts, numbers can give us evidence. GfK is undoubtedly the most reliable partner to help us face this journey. We are widening our analysis spectrum and at the same time sharpening more and more our analysis tools and all these aspects allow us to increase our relevance."
    Stefano Polla,
    Commercial Director, Italy
  • Decathlon-logo-Original
    The study conducted by GfK, in order to help us understand better the global market of sport goods in Romania included different approaches from the studies we have done in the past and was well adapted to the customer journey and buying habits of the sporting goods customers.

    The insights, data and conclusions of the study have strongly helped us discover important topics to improve and provided a clear  "validation" of the strategies we wanted to put in place in order to be able to better satisfy our customers."
    Cezar Nicolaescu,
    Marketing Director, Romania
  • amazon it
    In today’s fast-changing world, each decision must be supported by facts & evidence. GfK is a reliable partner to help us face this journey."
    Director Consumables, Italy and Spain
  • krëfel rgb
    The market is moving more rapidly than ever. Making a decision with evidence based data is indispensable. GfK is a reliable partner to support us on this journey. Working with the advanced data solutions provided by GfK enables us to follow up on performances and adapt quickly. The expert level of consultancy brings additional insights to the data and makes the number speak."
    Simon De Wasseige,
    Head of Solution, Belgium
  • LOGO-2021
    We had a complex and ambitious goal to better understand who our customers are on the one hand and to analyze the reasons for their buying behavior on the other. The Bureau Vallée GfK Customer Study allowed us to respond and see more clearly in a very changing market environment."
    Caroline Dupoizat,
    Director Client Marketing | CRM & Digital Communication | Retail & FMCG, France
  •  Tagline Full colour
    As an early adopter of gfknewron platform, we found it intuitive, friendly and visually appealing in terms of user experience when accessing market and competitive intelligence. Truly a first-ever for Takealot to have a collaborative insights partner like GfK and we are thrilled to see our unique needs and feedback about the platform brought to life from build to launch! Well done for being a trailblazer!"
    Maria van der Merwe
    Merchant Analyst,
  • logo-erajaya-1
    Working with GfK has been instrumental in helping us build our strategy and tactics for growth in the Indonesian mobile telecommunication sector. We use the intelligence to analyze market size, identify growth potential and hone our strategy and tactics - right down to individual city level and product group. The insight has helped us take our business to the next level and crucially, to achieve our revenue target. GfK has helped Erajaya to expand into new technical consumer goods industries such as lifestyle tech and, proving the business benefit of having access to the latest data. We enjoy a strong collaboration with GfK and work closely as one team with one goal."
    Hasan Aula
    Vice President Director/CEO, Erajaya Group
  • logo_pcc
    GFK is like opening a window from PCComponentes into the global market.

    With a pinch of intervention from our Business Intelligence Department it allows us to device mid- and long-term strategies, with the business perspective that GFK contributes.

    Moreover, it allows us to identify new emerging manufacturers in the channel, a far more complicated endeavour without the data that GFK provides.

    Another essential feature is GFK's vision of the future, segmented into categories, which helps us guide the manner in which we face the changes occurring in this ever-dynamic sector.

    Also noteworthy is the weekly summary, with relevant news of what takes place in the market.

    In short: support, vision and strategy."
    Alejandro Gutierrez
    Purchase Manager, PC Componentes
  • x-kom_logo_RGB
    It is hard to rely only on our own business vision operating in a highly competitive market. When building our strategy and planning market tactics we rely on GfK reporting to gain a broader perspective of the market trends and in particular industries and channels. We are very satisfied with our long lasting cooperation that contributes to our success."
    Marcin Witkowski
    Analysis Director, X-KOM
  • BeCommerce
    Webshops need up-to-date facts and figures about the Belgian consumers’ behavior to define their strategy. In collaboration with GfK, we map the demand side of the Belgian e-commerce market across twenty established markets segments every quarter and compare it to the offline market. This “BeCommerce Market Monitor” not only allows our members to adapt to a rapidly changing online market, it also gives us more media coverage and a growing share-of-voice.

    Thanks to GfK, BeCommerce can position itself as thé Belgian e-commerce expert."
    Sofie Geeroms
    Managing Director, BeCommerce
  • logo-alser
    We use GfK’s data daily with our colleagues and product managers. The weekly data helps us to make key business decisions with full confidence and agility. With weekly data we are better informed to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, capturing the core of our fluid and fastmoving market. "
    Milan Terechshenko
    Chief Commercial Director, Alser
  • kvik-logo
    We rely on GfK to provide us with objective data that represents all the markets we operate in. Armed with accurate and up-to-date market share data, we can evaluate our performance against the wider market, and drill down into specific categories, and as well as compare ourselves to the competition using one reliable, independent source. During quarterly conference calls with GfK’s experts, we are able to discuss past and emerging sales trends and understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. This customized intelligence feeds into planning our sales activity so is central to what we do. I believe the combination of data and expertise to interpret it has been an important factor in supporting Kvik’s growth."
    Henrik Gade Andersen
    Purchase Manager Kvik,
    Lead Buyer Ballingslöv International
  • logo mostaza-textoblanco 002 no tagline
    In a sector characterized by competition and reactivity, having a correct and complete vision about what is happening is crucial in order to draw your strategies in the short and medium term. In this sense, GfK is, without a doubt, that reliable partner that helps you to chart the right path and to narrow down the uncertainties."
    Iván Celdrán
  • JD Central
    With GfK data, JD has a better understanding toward TCG market with a clearer direction of how business should be.

    We can optimize the market knowledge and prepare ourselves for any market opportunities we observed."
    Wisan Sirikul
    Head of Corporate Marketing and Human Resources, JD Central

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Costruito sulla base dei dati derivanti dal monitoraggio continuativo delle vendite e sugli insight sui consumatori più completi al mondo, arricchito dall'esperienza di settore dei nostri esperti e dalle capacità di analisi avanzate. Potenziate la vostra capacità di accedere e utilizzare informazioni chiave per far crescere la vostra organizzazione.
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Creare strategie vincenti per il mercato, i consumatori e il brand. Con il team di esperti del settore e di pensatori creativi di gfkconsult, i Retailer possono cogliere i segnali importanti, distinguendoli dal rumore di fondo, per prendere decisioni coraggiose e dirompenti.
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