Today’s markets are competitive and dynamic. With constant disruption the norm, your own data is vital to evaluate and manage your performance. But it’s just one part of the picture. Only a 360° view can answer the key business questions that will enable you to succeed, such as:

  • What is my market position?
  • Am I selling the right brands for my target consumer?
  • Is my pricing optimized in the categories and channels I sell through?
  • Is my product assortment positioned to deliver the greatest return?
  • Will future demand for my products grow or decline?

Become a member of our exclusive Data Partnership Program today

If you want to measure the health of your business and take evidence-based decisions, then it’s time to act. By sharing your sales data with us, you will receive access to market data from some of the world’s biggest sales panels. With a history dating back to 1934, 130,000 partners, 10 million+ SKUs and $1.16 Trillion sales monitored, GfK’s Data Partnership Program is the trusted source for comprehensive, unbiased market-level analysis and consumer insight.

Your competitors are almost certain to be benefitting from GfK’s Data Partnership Program. Isn’t it time you were in too?

Sharing your data delivers significant benefits.

Deliver additional
revenue streams

Our Key Account Data programme can enable increased collaboration and revenue generation from manufactures

Context for trading statements
and investor relations

Our unbiased and trusted data currency gives weight to public statements and can support investor queries

Enabling C-Suite decision

Our experts bring global and local insights enabling you to make key business decisions with confidence

Supporting you in the boardroom and beyond

What’s more, the benefits of joining the partnership program are tailored to your specific business needs. We can help you make decisions in the boardroom and beyond, identify additional revenue streams and provide context for trading statements or Investor Relations. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship.

With market insight as standard, we can customize an insight package for you:

  • Global and local analysis
  • Forecast and demand planning
  • Management consultancy and more
  • Market entry packages
  • Unique article catalogue
  • Consumer, Marketing and Brand Intelligence

Partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes

It’s important that our intelligence provides a true picture of the diverse market landscapes today - and tomorrow. That’s why we welcome partners of all shapes and sizes, from a specialist focusing on one local town, city or region, to global players, online and offline and everything in between. And we’re not just partnering with retailers, we welcome distributors, data houses, platforms, payment systems and other organizations that collect sales data.

Supporting a range of business units in your organization

One of the benefits of partnership is that intelligence can be leveraged by as few or as many team members as appropriate.


With GfK, your data is in safe hands

You can be sure that regardless of your business type, size and geographical reach, your data will always be anonymized, protected by the most rigorous standards, secured and indemnified.

In summary…

Think of it as a cake, you hand us a slice - and we give you back the entire cake.
In a world of data overflow and disruption, we empower you to pick up the right "signal from noise". We power your decisions and help you become a shaper of tomorrow.

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    In a world that is rapidly changing, we cannot rely any longer only on sensations and visions. Each decision should be based and supported by concreteness, and only facts, numbers can give us evidence. GfK is undoubtedly the most reliable partner to help us face this journey. We are widening our analysis spectrum and at the same time sharpening more and more our analysis tools and all these aspects allow us to increase our relevance.

    Stefano Polla, Commercial Director – Euronics Italy

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    We’ve been partnering with GfK for over ten years, using reports to support a range of business decisions such as market forecasts, budget planning, brand mix and strategic planning. GfK provides us a holistic picture of our company position within the market and compared against other markets. We can understand consumer trends, and recognize the success of our marketing campaigns.
    Complete data coverage, local market drill-down, and additional data splits lets us perform detailed analytics and to hypothesize different scenarios.

    Yuliia Maystrenko, Head of Commercial Controlling

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    The Consumer Insights Engine has been invaluable in providing us with quarterly updates on changing customer needs and preferences. Dixons have now been using this tool for the past year and the insights from the tool have been appreciated across the organisation including teams working on ranging, and marketing campaigns; and it’s provided an additional dimension to the POS data.
    The fact that the tool is easy to use and intuitive has been key, as it’s enabled us to roll out quickly across the teams - with GFK on hand to provide training support where it was needed.

    Amit Shah, Head of Commercial Analytics, Dixons Carphone

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    In today’s fast-changing world, each decision must be supported by facts & evidence. GfK is a reliable partner to help us face this journey.

    Director of Italy and Spain Consumables

Globally trusted by businesses big and small empowering them with the best decisions for their business

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