There is a cacophony of ‘noise’ in markets today. With an ever-increasing volume of customer data, it can be challenging to focus on the most pertinent information. We know you need to base your strategic and tactical business decisions on facts, not guess work. Whether a retailer or manufacturer, you need to know what is selling, where, when and at what price point. 

Let our market and retail intelligence suite of solutions show you the way. Based on our Point of Sales (POS) Tracking and Consumer Panel data, it helps you measure your market share and brand performance, and benchmark it against your competition. You’ll be able to identify the most successful products in the market, understand what’s impacting global market share now and next, ensure your strategic planning considers the major industry drivers, and know which macro trends will impact your business.

It offers a 360-degree perspective on brand and sales performance, competitor intelligence, and analysis of all the marketing Ps – product, promotion, place, price – and more. Whatever your challenges, from understanding the changing consumer, to production and portfolio management, distribution and channel trends to assortment, marketing and campaign effectiveness, we have the data, analysis and expertise to help you find ‘signals from the noise’.

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