Audience Ascription Modelling

Audience Ascription Modelling

GfK Audience Ascription Modelling

Understanding niche audiences. Close the measurement gaps to understand small digital audiences.

GfK’s Audience Ascription Modelling combines our panel-based audience measurement with site census data to provide viewing figures for the multitude of smaller digital entertainment channels. The resulting fully integrated, respondent-level dataset provides a reliable basis for granular analysis and reporting of even the most niche digital channels.

The beauty of GfK’s Audience Ascription Modelling is that because it is rooted in our high-quality audience measurement panels, it provides the same information that is available on channels with larger audiences, so broadcasters can:

  • Close any measurement gaps through the huge numbers delivered by the online census measurement and make apples-to-apples comparisons of performance
  • Enjoy the advantages of both the in-depth profiles from the panel and reliable information on the longtail of digital channels
  • Evaluate cross-use of measured digital properties and cross-device use for reach and frequency figures
  • Undertake granular analysis in a fully integrated, respondent-level dataset
  • Use panel information for cookie enrichment to be used in online trading, for instance integrated into your own Data Management Platform

Delivering panel-standard measurement quality for digital channels

The use of online panels to derive deep and high-quality information about website audiences is standard practice. Panels provide insight into the cross-use of measured digital properties and cross-device usage for reach and frequency figures. However, as the media market has fragmented, it has been challenging to measure smaller, digital channels (‘the longtail’) as these need a huge sample size to report valid data, including sites and campaigns with a small reach. GfK’s Audience Ascription Modelling provides the solution.

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