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GfK Travel Solution

GfK Travel Solutions

Embrace technology, offer experiences and deliver sustainability

The Travel and Hospitality sector continues to evolve at pace as technological developments reveal new opportunities in an already complex and fragmented market. Actionable insights are key to staying ahead of the game, focusing on the right market intelligence to help address the key trends and challenges the sector faces:

  • Sustainability and managing the carbon footprint: We are all travelling more, but how can we balance this and look after the environment at the same time? How important is this for our customers?
  • Artificial Intelligence: Expected by the industry to have by far the biggest impact of all new technologies, how is our investment working? Is it delivering?
  • Seamless continuity across all booking channels and devices: Essential to simplify the user experience. Is our brand and product portfolio present on all channels? Are we reaching all our target audience?
  • Optimizing the product mix: How can we ensure we offer the right product mix by destination to deliver on consumer demand?
  • Understanding impact of topical news on the industry: How are consumers reacting to specific events? How quickly do things change and return to normal?

With industry experts and a suite of solutions, we can help you understand the market better, identifying new opportunities and maximizing current trends across the whole purchase journey.

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    Herramienta de comparación de seguimiento de productos que determina la cuota de mercado y el rendimiento de la marca. Datos del minorista y del distribuidor. Información periódica sobre puntos de venta en todos los canales pertinentes.

  • GfK Demand Forecasting

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  • GfK Market Intelligence: Supply Chain

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