GfK Marketing Mix Evaluator

GfK Marketing Mix Evaluator

Assess campaign sales success

Quantify the impact of cross-media campaign elements on sales

The GfK Marketing Mix Evaluator provides a deep understanding of the sales impact of marketing campaigns. We deliver the key metrics that advertisers and inventory owners need to assess the success of their campaigns.

The analysis reveals the short-term sales impact generated by single campaign elements, the effect of combining media on returns, and breaks out that impact by different target groups. You’ll be able to drill down into the detail of the individual elements of your campaigns to fully analyze the success and impact of your campaign:


  • Did the campaign reach my target audience?
  • Which channels were most effective at reaching my target audience?

Channel effectiveness

  • Which channels drove my campaign?
  • Which individual elements of the campaign generated the most turnover?
  • Which media channel was the most cost-effective?

Sales impact

  • Did the campaign trigger offline purchases?
  • Did the campaign generate incremental turnover? How much?
  • How high was the Return on Investment?

Brand impact

  • Did the integrated media campaign sell the brand effectively?
  • Which medium was most effective at reaching the brand’s target audience?

Campaign impact

  • What are the short and mid-term effects of the campaign?

Optimize digital touchpoints, adjust digital media strategy and evaluate advertising effectiveness

GfK’s Campaign Performance Analysis is based on data from the GfK’s Crossmedia Link, which provides single-source cross-device digital measurement. We measure media exposure and link it to product purchases in sectors including FMCG, Travel, Entertainment, Retail and Automotive. Harmonized with ad server reporting, we provide comparable KPIs for all media channels such as Net Reach, OTS, GRP, CostperGRP etc. 

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