The latest trends and opportunities for Consumer Technology and Durables industry

We have surpassed more than half-way through the year, and we continue to face disruptions in the global economy. Some of the challenges that are facing the Consumer Technology and Durables industry include:

  • Decreasing market growth
  • Declining consumer confidence in their economic future
  • Rising inflation levels
  • Product price increases and constant forecast revisions
  • The well-informed consumer, who can easily spot when your brand positioning is not consistent

With a loss of 10% market growth since 2021, the industry is feeling the effects of all these challenges. As growth slows, leaders must be savvy about where to focus sales, marketing, and product efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

Watch our summarized insights video to hear about consumer trends from Norbert Herzog, Senior Global Strategic Insights Managers at GfK; Madalina Carstea, Head of Global Sales at GfK; and Jutta Langer, Vice President of Consulting at GfK.

Download the full State of Consumer Technology & Durables 2022 report to receive all of the latest trends and expert insights from our analysis experts at GfK, and maximize business opportunities during a period of uncertainty.

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